Girls Leopard Print Santa 3 Piece Christmas Outfit


These boutique style 3 piece outfits are perfect for your little diva's Christmas wardrobe. This set features a leopard print pattern on the leggings with a perfectly matching long sleeve skirt top and infinity scarf. A sequins Santa hat applique with leopard print trim completes the look. Made of a 97% high quality soft cotton and 3% stretchy spandex blend this outfit is soft and comfortable.

WHAT KIDS [LOVE]: Comfort and Leopard Print Santa! The comfort of this beautiful outfit; the Leopard Print Santa Applique and the fun infinity scarf will make this one your little girl's favorite!

FIT AND [FEEL]: 97% soft cotton and 3% stretchy spandex fabric is cool, breathable and flexible. You won't get any fuss about putting this one on!

STYLE [FLASHY & FESTIVE]: Bring out the flashy side of Christmas with this adorable 3 piece legging set. The matching leopard print pattern on the leggings and infinity scarf make this one an eye catcher and the Santa applique on the top keeps it festive. Perfect for wearing on the days leading up to Christmas!

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