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You won't believe what Doctors are prescribing kids!

Doctors are considering prescribing kids playtime!

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that children’s playtime has decreased by 25% from 1981 to 1997. Not hard to imagine that the stats are even lower considering today's technologically fast paced life. A recent national survey found that only 51% of children went outside to walk or play once per day with either parent. They also found that 30% of US kindergarten children no longer have recess due to increased academic pressure in schools! As a result of these findings, doctors have been considering scheduling essential playtime for kids during their wellness visits.

Why are they so concerned?

During playtime kids learn many life skills including language skills, negotiating skills, they learn how to manage stress, how to work alongside others and they develop executive function. Without scheduled playtime, kids risk lacking these important life skills in their teenage years and through adulthood.

What is considered productive playtime?

The American Academy of Pediatrics identifies 4 kinds of healthy play for kids:

  1. Object Play- starts with kids putting toys in their mouths and advances to kids holding items and pretending that they are something else, i.e.- banana acts as a telephone
  2. Physical play- starts with hand games like pat-a-cake and advances to rough play like tickle fights or rough housing
  3. Outdoor play- hide and seek, tag, throwing balls, riding bikes
  4. Social or pretend play- kids take on roles such as playing house or pretending to be a teacher

After reading more information on this, I am considering making a playtime schedule for my daughters to make sure they are getting in the necessary types of play as a child. I'll be sure to share what I come up with and how it works. Thanks for reading!


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As a former school nurse I’ve seen recess and physical education times be reduced in order that the kids get more academics I’ve also seen the arts such as art and music class times reduced Maybe school physicians need to prescribe for their patients actual recess times and play times for the students Physical Education music and art really play an important role in a students day

Suzann Mendenhall

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