Fun In The Sun - Family Summer Activity Ideas

Fun In The Sun - Family Summer Activity Ideas

It's Summertime! 

The weather is perfect, there's talk of vacation and you just remembered the kids are home from school!


Keeping the kids occupied during summer break can be a full time job so we've compiled a list of summer activity ideas to help keep your kiddos stimulated and to spend some quality time together!


 #1 - Build A Fort

A childhood favorite! No need to over-complicate things, draping old sheets over lower tree limbs or over a couple chairs is all you need to get the imagination running wild. Create a fun and adventurous fort for your little ones then try eating dinner inside or stay up late chasing fireflies while listening to nighttime melodies.



#2 - Play Dress-Up


Funny hats, purses, gowns, gloves, and “superhero capes” from a garage sale or thrift shop. Dress up and have a make-believe garden party, spider-man adventure, or fashion show with your little lovely. 


#3 - Side-Walk Chalk 

Appeal to their inner artist and get some fresh air at the same time. The kids will know what to do with the sidewalk chalk! Play hopscotch, draw self portraits or create some life-size art! Use glow-in-the-dark chalk so you and your child can observe your artwork from the window at bedtime.


#4 - Have An Outdoors Day


Whether your fortune has brought you mountains, beaches or forests a day outside is always a good one for the kids. Pack a picnic and bring a blanket, put on your hiking shoes or your bathing suit and go out for some nature. Don't forget your sunscreen! 


#5 - Make Music Together

Spread a blanket in the backyard and pull out the family instrument collection! If you don't have many pots and pans; wooden spoons and shakers are enough to form a little band. Set up lawn chairs for an audience to take part and cheer on your little stars.


#6 - Go On A Museum Trip


Check your local museums for family programs and summer discounts! Museums are a great way to expose your kids to some new information and to spend quality time together. Many museums cater to young families and will often have designated kid zones. Just don't forget to pack lunch or bring a little extra spending money!


#7 - Kitchen Time  

Get your kids helping in the kitchen!  Cooking is a great time to bond. Mix up some cake batter and let them indulge, or teach them how to toss a salad and about nutrition! Having them help set the table and see how proud they are to contribute! (Check out our daughter Aub in the video clip above!)



#8 - Color Our Free Summer Themed Coloring Book Together!


We are happy to help out this summer by providing you with these free summer themed coloring pages! No download necessary, just click and print! Check them out here!



These summer months may feel like forever but never forget how fast the kids grow up. Be sure to make the most of this time together!

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