Boutique Summer Fashion for Every Occasion- Leap into the New Season with our Latest Collection!

Boutique Summer Fashion for Every Occasion- Leap into the New Season with our Latest Collection!

May 24, 2017

Author: Laura Randazzo
It's almost that time of year again- summer time! Whether you're basking in the sun, planning a trip, or having an outdoor barbecue, has the perfect outfit for your little one. Our latest trends are to die for including girls tanks, capris, shorts, two-piece outfits, bathing suits, rompers and FUN summer prints including anchors, flowers, flamingos and watermelons!
We do hope to add a little more fun in the sun while you are out and about! Click here to browse our summer collection for newborns up to 2 years. Click here to browse through our summer collection for ages 2-8. And while you are at it, don't forget to visit the clearance section to find yourself a $9.99 boutique bargain!

We also wanted to give you a few ideas on what you and your kiddos can do while being together this summer season:

  1. Play dress-up- collect funny hats, purses, gowns, gloves, and “superhero capes” from a garage sale or thrift shop. Dress up and have a make-believe garden party, spider-man adventure, or fashion show with your little lovely.
  2. Build a fort by draping old sheets over lower tree limbs and clotheslines, you can create a fun and adventurous forts for your little guys. Eat dinner inside and stay up chasing fireflies while listening to nighttime melodies.
  3. Chalk time! Use glow-in-the-dark chalk so you and your child can observe your artwork from the window at bedtime.
  4. Make music together! After spreading a blanket in the backyard, you can ask preschoolers to create and collect “tickets” to the big event. Invite other kids from the neighborhood to bring instruments to perform. You can use pots, wooden spoons, and shakers to form a little band. Set up lawn chairs for an audience to take part and cheer on your little stars.
  5. Explore a museum during the summer time. A lot of museums are starting family art programs. Try finding one in your area so you both can tap into your inner rembrandt.
  6. Last but not least, allow the little ones to help you in the kitchen. Have them help you mix up the batter for cake, or let them toss the salad ingredients into the bowl. Even having them help you set the table will make them feel like their contributing. Praise them for being so kind. This will help build their self-confidence.